Wednesday, December 21, 2011


So much has been going on that the days have gone by too fast to count.  I can say that I am so excited to go on so many adventures with Jesus lately.  I know that sounds odd to hear someone say that after all the things I have been going through.  The way I see it is you have two ways to look at this:  “Why do I have to endure this, why me?”  The other way to look at it is “ok, let’s go Jesus.  I’m ready for the adventure.  Take me under your wings and lead the way.” 
I said a while back that I have seen Jesus in so many ways lately but let me just share some of the Godincidences: 

#1:   I was almost out of gas and could not find a gas station to save my life.  Finally with about 6 miles to left in my tank I find one.  I had to go inside to pay and as I walked in smiling and asking the cashier how she was she said “Great and you keep smiling  honey because it just made my day!!”  I pumped my gas and I kept feeling God’s gentle nudge pushing me to go give her a prayer bracelet.  As I walked in I felt so stupid I was letting the devil tell me that she didn’t care about me and why would she want to pray for me.  Who am I to have her take time out of her day and pray.   I pushed the enemy away and shared my story with her.  She came around the desk with tears in her eyes as I told her I have cancer and will have surgery Friday.  I held out a prayer bracelet and asked her to pray for me.  She asked how I was so happy and I said because of Jesus.  I know He has everything under control.  She asked what my verse meant and I told her to go look it up.  Now I’m not sure what will come out of that and I may never know, but I guarantee you this I have definitely planted a seed for Jesus!!!

#2:  December 8th,  the day before surgery, I had so many errands to run.  I was feeling a little overwhelmed.  I took the kids to school and realized I hadn’t eaten yet.  I could go home and waste time or stop by Starbucks and use my gift card.  I knew there wasn’t much on there and I only had two dollars in hand.  So I prayed to God that I had enough on my gift card to cover this as I ordered a small coffee and some oatmeal.  I prayed and prayed the entire way through the car line and when I reached the window to pay the guy said “No need to pay.  The lady in front of you said Merry Christmas and God Bless!”  I started bawling.  The poor guy at the counter didn’t know what to do he just kept asking if I was ok.  I had to pull over and cry for about 10 minutes.  I just felt God’s hand on my shoulder patting my back saying, “Cecily I have this. Right down to your breakfast.”

I love that sign from Dayspring that reads “God is Good All the time.”  Every time I get in a situation I’m unsure of I think of that saying.  No matter what your situation God is Good All the time.  We all just need to think of the positive and not the negative.  I find it easier to say okay God how do you want me to use this situation for you.  Sometimes I feel like just going through what He gives you with a smile is good enough.

Thanks again for all the kind words, prayers and help from family and friends!!  We love y’all!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Balanced Living

I talk a lot about nutrition, but today I want to talk a little about living a balanced life.  I was reminded today after hearing a radio show, about how obsessed women can be about getting in shape and being thin.  Being "thin" should not be ones ultimate goal in life.  If it is your # 1 goal, watch out!  It can become an obsession and possibly a prison.  I've never believed that "thin" equals good or that it should be the only goal one should strive for.  Actually, there are many unhealthy "thin" women who actually have high body fat, not enough muscle, and probably as a result, have weak bones too.  There is so much more to be gained when one starts down the road of eating right and working out than just getting to and maintaining a look.  After you are in a good routine where you consistently work out 4-6 days/week and eat healthy, you will reach your body's best potential.  Then you need to accept the body that brings you.  We all have different body types and we will not all look the same when we are the healthiest we can be.
So what am I saying?  Becoming healthy should be our ultimate goal.  And that includes all parts of ourselves.  We are made up of body, mind and spirit.  Make sure you are feeding each part of you.  Make sure you are in balance.  Don't get caught up in the trap of living your life around counting calories all day and becoming obsessed with it.  Yes we need to learn about calories, educate ourselves on how to consume calories throughout the day to keep our metabolisms fired up, but make sure to enjoy life.  Enjoy food.  Enjoy books.  Enjoy friends and family.  Enjoy church.  Enjoy prayer.  Enjoy fitness.  Enjoy your hobbies.  Feed your faith.  Feed your knowledge.  Feed your body.  Train your body.  Sleep.  Exercise.  Eat.  Read.  Pray.  Love.  Laugh.  Relax.  Play.

Friday, November 18, 2011

An Update On Me

I’m doing well.  Doctor appointments have been a bit overwhelming and I must say the stress is starting to get to me.  (All I want to do is sleep.)  I am however continuing to run, but after about five or six miles I’m so tired!  And while I run it is odd to feel like my chest has it’s own heart beat.  But the most difficult time while running is trying to let my mind wander because that little heartbeat in my left breast is a constant reminder that things have changed so dramatically.  It’s okay though.  I just take one step at a time and before I know it I’m done with my run and back home again.
All the food friends are bringing me is so nice.  Corey and I were very reluctant at first to accept the offer to create a food calendar but now that I’m gone so much I’m glad we caved.  It’s great not to have to worry about what to cook for the kids.  I was getting tired of sandwiches and cereal!!! 
The other night a friend brought us dinner after a long day at the doctor and after we ate I took Cameron to a birthday party.  On the way he said that he was sad I was unable to pick him up from school as much.  I knew then that was God’s cue to tell him what’s going on.  I proceeded to explain that mommy was sick and there are times when one of mommy’s friends would pick him up.  I also told him that some of our friends would be bringing us dinner.  He looked out the window for a few minutes and said "so… will we always get dessert? Because that would be so awesome!"  I just laughed and said "maybe honey."  I was a little worried he didn’t understand what I said but that night when he said his prayers he said "Dear God I hope you sleep good tonight and please help my mommy feel better soon."  Out of the mouth of babes.
Like I said this is all overwhelming but I have been able to see God work in my life like never before.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Walk A Mile For Me

Hi Friends,

Thank you so much for praying for me.  It means so much to know that there are so many people behind me.  I have had so many questions so here’s the deal.  

I was watching t.v. one night with my hands behind my head.  I had an itch under my arm and when I went to scratch it there was a pea size knot there.  I knew I had a well-woman’s check-up in a week so I put it in the back of my mind until then.  The appointment was two days after my 30th birthday.  I showed my doctor and she ordered an ultrasound and scheduled it for the following Monday.  (Let’s just say that was the day the whirlwind began.)  I went to the appointment thinking I would be there an hour and was there for four hours.  The moment the probe touched my chest I knew things weren’t looking good.  I had a mammogram that same day and within an hour after leaving the doctor I had a call from the specialist saying to come in the next day.  I had that appointment and five minutes after leaving they squeezed me in for a biopsy the next day.  I found out Friday that I do indeed have breast cancer.

The awesome thing is that I know God has a plan for me.  I know He has everything under control.  I know that 1 in 4 women (not sure of the odds exactly) get this and I consider myself the lucky one.  God knows that I can handle this.  He knows that I will NOT sit in a corner and throw myself a pity party.  I will let His light shine.  (If any of you truly know me, you know I am a stress ball.)  It is God's grace that I am okay with this.  I WILL fight this head on. It’s just another marathon, but this time I have tons of friends and family cheering me on.  The spectators are for me and my hope and prayer is that through me you will see God's handy work.  I promise you this. 

I will keep you updated through this blog.  But in the mean time I challenge you to walk, run, bike, or rollerblade a mile for me.  It can be daily or weekly but walk a mile for me!  While you do, say a prayer for me and thank God for everything you have and are capable of doing.  Trust in the Lord in all you do and you will succeed!

Have a great day and remember to SWEAT!

"Be joyful always* Pray continually* Give thanks in every circumstance" I Thessalonians 5:16-18  

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Oh The Joys Of Running

It’s that time again…Marathon training is back in full swing.  Oh the joys of running.  I love it.  I feel like working out is my job.  Sometimes I do it when I’m sick or really don’t want to but as a fitness professional I have to push through those feelings and get it done. 
Running, on the other hand is me.  It’s who I am and what makes me happy.  I love hearing my own heart beating when I’m finished.  It is an amazing feeling to be able to hear your heart beating in your body and feel the rush of blood flowing in your veins.  Can you tell I love it?  I hate knowing I’m about to run 15 miles but Iove the thrill of finishing. It’s almost like getting on the Grease Lighting at Astroworld.  You are scared as you are putting your seatbelt on but the moment they say all clear it is so much fun. As soon as the ride is over you are running back to the front of the line to do it again.
You may not feel that way about running or working out but I know you feel the positive effects of getting your blood pumping.  Game on ladies!  Schools about to start, it’s about to get cooler, and your fitness journey can only get better.  We learn new things about ourselves daily. Not only about our character but about how strong we are and how much we can push our bodies a little more.  I love leaving camp everyday because I can feel the energy that each one of you exudes in your workouts. I know that through you I have accomplished what God has trusted me to do and that is the ability to push you just enough to help you reach your fitness goals. 
Have a great day ladies and remember to SWEAT! 

Monday, July 11, 2011

Nope I’m not perfect when it comes to eating!

Ask anyone who knows me and they will say "NEVER, EVER under any circumstance give Cecily fudge!!"  Whoever said that sweets do not make people hyper is wrong.  I’m living proof of that.  Just ask my best friend Jenna or whoever plays Bunco with me.  I go crazy to the point where I’m down right annoying.  I’m also not very good at socials. 

Here’s what I do.  (This may not be the answer you are looking for but it’s the truth.)  Since I know these things are my downfalls I eat really well the week before I know I have somewhere to go with girlfriends, or a big party to host/attend.  This way when I go to my event I can eat what I want and not feel too guilty. I do however, survey what is available and only eat the things that I really,really want.  I also will eat 3 bites of veggies or fruit for every one bite of “yummyness”.

As for fudge I just stay away...except for Christmas. 

I know food should not be used as a way to enjoy things but it is everywhere you go.  Plan ahead and you will be fine.  

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Workout Etiquette When Sick!

What there's an etiquette?  
Last week some of my fellow MOPS friends and I met at an awesome woman's house and she taught us all about how to be proper ladies.  We had so much fun and all agreed it was a real eye-opener.  So this week when my family and I had the stomach flu it got me thinking that there is an etiquette to working out while being sick. 
Think about it.  How many times have you gone to boot camp and partnered up with someone who said "Take it easy on me I was sick all day yesterday."  Most of us would wonder why they are even here or I hope I don't get it too.   How about when you're at the gym and the person next to you is coughing constantly and blowing thier nose? It's really hard not to think of having to touch the same equipment. 
So what should you do when you are sick?
If you have been running a fever or throwing up in the past 24 hours skip the workout all together.  You are most likely doing your body more harm than good.  I would recommend focusing on getting your body back in a healthy state and drink plenty of water.  If you absolutely must workout then do some yoga or take a short walk outside.  Try to avoid being around others because you still may be contagious. 
If you have been sick and want to workout but find that going out in pubic may not be wise. Pick a few exercises to do at home.  If you are a boot camper, we did a great Burpee workout (or I call them Good Mornings) that had everyone talking for days.  That workout may be a little intense so you can also pick about 10 exercise that suit you and do them for 30 minutes. You can modify the time more or less depending on your fitness level. If you need some more visuals head on over to You Tube and see some exercise I have demonstrated for you.
For those that have a head cold I would say it's okay to workout.  If you can do some cardio outside it may even make you breathe better.   I would even say it's safe to go to the gym or boot camp.  Just bring some tissues and excuse yourself if you have a coughing fit.  Also be sure to wipe down your equipment after you use them.  If you feel like it is a chest cold you should NOT be working out.  This could make things worse for you and could spread to others. 
These are just a few ideas that were brought to my attention in the past few weeks.  I do want to stress that you do need to get back into your fitness routine as soon as you feel better.  The longer you take a break the easier it is to get out of it.  Just be smart and think of others in the process!!!

For mor information on Cecily's services or call 713-562-8476.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Be Strong And Very Courageous

"Be strong and very courageous... do not turn from it to the right or to the left... do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go."  Joshua 1:7-9

I will admit I'm upset!  I'm mad, discouraged, and I have swayed from my goal.  I have several things I could say made me not finish the marathon last Sunday, but oh well. It is in the past and I can't go back to that day.  I do confess that it is horrible to have to tell people over and over "I DID NOT FINISH".  I think I must have said those four words a thousand times since Sunday.  I'm serious this has been so hard for me to deal with. Part of me was telling myself that I'm such a baby, or maybe I'm in the wrong profession.  How can I help people reach their goals when I can't even help myself reach my goals. 

And then.... I went to Bible Study and the above verse was the focus of our study.  Really!  (I love the analogy Beth Moore used.)  She said that it's like playing chicken with the devil and we have to prove him to be the chicken.  Hold on to that steering wheel and don't look left.  Don't look right.  Keep going straight ahead.  Be courageous!  I made up my mind then that I need to get back up, dust myself off and keep going.  

Some of you may need to do the same.  So it's cold outside.  So you were sick last week.  Tomorrow is another day.  Get up and keep going.  You have a goal and don't look left and don't look right; instead be courageous and keep getting to camp everyday and keep eating clean.  
We love our campers!  Have a great day and remember to SWEAT!!!!! (I said it right today.)  :0)

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