Wednesday, December 21, 2011


So much has been going on that the days have gone by too fast to count.  I can say that I am so excited to go on so many adventures with Jesus lately.  I know that sounds odd to hear someone say that after all the things I have been going through.  The way I see it is you have two ways to look at this:  “Why do I have to endure this, why me?”  The other way to look at it is “ok, let’s go Jesus.  I’m ready for the adventure.  Take me under your wings and lead the way.” 
I said a while back that I have seen Jesus in so many ways lately but let me just share some of the Godincidences: 

#1:   I was almost out of gas and could not find a gas station to save my life.  Finally with about 6 miles to left in my tank I find one.  I had to go inside to pay and as I walked in smiling and asking the cashier how she was she said “Great and you keep smiling  honey because it just made my day!!”  I pumped my gas and I kept feeling God’s gentle nudge pushing me to go give her a prayer bracelet.  As I walked in I felt so stupid I was letting the devil tell me that she didn’t care about me and why would she want to pray for me.  Who am I to have her take time out of her day and pray.   I pushed the enemy away and shared my story with her.  She came around the desk with tears in her eyes as I told her I have cancer and will have surgery Friday.  I held out a prayer bracelet and asked her to pray for me.  She asked how I was so happy and I said because of Jesus.  I know He has everything under control.  She asked what my verse meant and I told her to go look it up.  Now I’m not sure what will come out of that and I may never know, but I guarantee you this I have definitely planted a seed for Jesus!!!

#2:  December 8th,  the day before surgery, I had so many errands to run.  I was feeling a little overwhelmed.  I took the kids to school and realized I hadn’t eaten yet.  I could go home and waste time or stop by Starbucks and use my gift card.  I knew there wasn’t much on there and I only had two dollars in hand.  So I prayed to God that I had enough on my gift card to cover this as I ordered a small coffee and some oatmeal.  I prayed and prayed the entire way through the car line and when I reached the window to pay the guy said “No need to pay.  The lady in front of you said Merry Christmas and God Bless!”  I started bawling.  The poor guy at the counter didn’t know what to do he just kept asking if I was ok.  I had to pull over and cry for about 10 minutes.  I just felt God’s hand on my shoulder patting my back saying, “Cecily I have this. Right down to your breakfast.”

I love that sign from Dayspring that reads “God is Good All the time.”  Every time I get in a situation I’m unsure of I think of that saying.  No matter what your situation God is Good All the time.  We all just need to think of the positive and not the negative.  I find it easier to say okay God how do you want me to use this situation for you.  Sometimes I feel like just going through what He gives you with a smile is good enough.

Thanks again for all the kind words, prayers and help from family and friends!!  We love y’all!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Balanced Living

I talk a lot about nutrition, but today I want to talk a little about living a balanced life.  I was reminded today after hearing a radio show, about how obsessed women can be about getting in shape and being thin.  Being "thin" should not be ones ultimate goal in life.  If it is your # 1 goal, watch out!  It can become an obsession and possibly a prison.  I've never believed that "thin" equals good or that it should be the only goal one should strive for.  Actually, there are many unhealthy "thin" women who actually have high body fat, not enough muscle, and probably as a result, have weak bones too.  There is so much more to be gained when one starts down the road of eating right and working out than just getting to and maintaining a look.  After you are in a good routine where you consistently work out 4-6 days/week and eat healthy, you will reach your body's best potential.  Then you need to accept the body that brings you.  We all have different body types and we will not all look the same when we are the healthiest we can be.
So what am I saying?  Becoming healthy should be our ultimate goal.  And that includes all parts of ourselves.  We are made up of body, mind and spirit.  Make sure you are feeding each part of you.  Make sure you are in balance.  Don't get caught up in the trap of living your life around counting calories all day and becoming obsessed with it.  Yes we need to learn about calories, educate ourselves on how to consume calories throughout the day to keep our metabolisms fired up, but make sure to enjoy life.  Enjoy food.  Enjoy books.  Enjoy friends and family.  Enjoy church.  Enjoy prayer.  Enjoy fitness.  Enjoy your hobbies.  Feed your faith.  Feed your knowledge.  Feed your body.  Train your body.  Sleep.  Exercise.  Eat.  Read.  Pray.  Love.  Laugh.  Relax.  Play.

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