Monday, October 18, 2010

The Ones That Never Come Back

As a fitness instructor there is a high you experience every single time you watch one of your clients meet their personal goal. Goals range based on the person. Some women are nearly in tears when they run the entire mile, others are bouncing up and down when they chisel down their measurements after a month of boot camp or drop three pants sizes. Still some women are thrilled beyond compare just by being able to keep up with their grandchildren outside again.

My line of work is filled with moments of excitement that I share with my clients and these moments keep me going in my quest to change the lives of women. But, sadly there are the ones that never come back. Every month I meet a woman in need, and usually the one that needs me most. After one month, or maybe two, at camp she never comes back. She lets the world around her get her down by telling her she can't she just can't do it. These demons are wrong. It is inevitable that she will send me an email full of empty excuses for not coming back to camp and I will be sad. Every woman is capable of immeasurably more than she thinks she can handle. At random times during my day, week, month I think of the ones that never come back and I wonder where they are, if they are happy and if they think of me. Then I usually pray for them and for joy in their life and for them to inherent the confidence they need to reach their goals. Maybe when they do they'll send me an email and I can celebrate with them too!

-Written by guest author, Jenna Childers

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