Monday, May 24, 2010

Welcome To My Blog - And My Crazy Life!

Life is crazy isn't it?  It's crazy with children and without children, with a husband and without a husband; the list can go on and on I'm sure, but the truth of the matter is that God has blessed me with an amazing husband, two beautiful children, and unquenchable thirst to learn more about fitness and a way to make a living doing what I love!

When I was little and had friends stay the night we would play a game called The Math Wheel.  We would put a number in the middle of the wheel and six numbers on the outside.  Then we would proceed to go around the wheel multiplying the numbers on the outside by the number on the inside.  Whoever finished first won!  Sounds super fun right?  (Humor me and agree.)  I would "spice it up" by making my friends run to the opposite wall, do ten jumping jacks and run back.  By the end of the game we ran back and forth six times and after that we would run around my block with jump ropes and stop at each corner to do froggies.  I was eight and sadly I didn't have too many friends stay the night twice.  As you can tell, I was born with a huge love of fitness.  It amazes me everyday how so many people know so little about it.  If I can help just one person live a happier and healthier life by educating them on proper health and fitness then I will say I have done my job well!

I know that this is the route God intended me to take.  It has been a crazy journey moving to Kingwood.  We picked up our family and moved out here not knowing if I would make enough to hold up my end of our income.  I wanted to start a business and I had no idea where to even begin.  I felt so overwhelmed trying to be the best wife, mother, student and business owner I could possibly be that I spent many days in tears.  I prayed so much I felt like most of my days were spent on my knees.  I remember a friend telling me to pick one task and accomplish it and just keep going until it was all finished.  I had so much to conquer on my list from finding a house, a location for work, a website administrator, a mother's day out program for my son, to finishing college!  I look back on the past two years and cannot believe what has been accomplished!  I can only say it was by the grace of God, my husband and my best friend who helped me stay sane in moments when I thought my sanity was running straight out the front door and I was too exhausted to catch it!

A little over a year ago we welcomed our second child into our family.  Her name is Caroline and she brings me countless amounts of joy, but some days I find myself struggling once again to keep my sanity from turning tail and running away.  That sweet little mess is so active and into everything from climbing on furniture to eating my planner!  She most definitely keeps me on my toes.  I am constantly asking God to multiply my minutes so I can keep up with her and get all of my work done.  The reason I want to start this blog is to share my happiness and experiences as a wife, mother, fitness expert and small business owner.  Yes, it is hard as heck sometimes and I just want to throw in the towel, but it is so worth every bump and turn in the road.  I will be honest and real with every entry I share.  I hope you find some things I say helpful, funny and encouraging.  Please feel free to leave comments so I know I am not typing to myself and together we'll learn how to keep our sanity on a leash!


  1. Great intro! I love how you show us the importance of faith in your life. I can't wait to keep reading your posts!

  2. I Love this! Always knew you would make it threw your obsticles you faced and continue to face dailey because of your faith! You inspired me to get healthy after having Ella and I know you inspire countless others every day! Thank you ( :

  3. Cecily

    I am so proud of you. I can't believe you've been gone from this area for 2 years! I miss our workouts in Deer Park and then in Clear Lake. Keep up the Faith and hard work! It really is all worth it.

    Marilyn L.

  4. Cecily,

    It warms my heart to read your blog....You have your priorities in order.... I learned a long time ago if you place God, first; family, second; the rest will fall into place. Your work ethic amazes me. I really wish I still lived close to you so I could give you some time outs like we did when Cameron was small. They are such a joy...take time to smell the roses with them.

    Always know we are here for you. Geep and Gege, your stauch support group.

    Carol R.


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